Wephurst Estate, Public Rights of Way Meeting, 22nd October 2019

The meeting was well attended and independently Chaired by Mr Andy Jeffry, Godalming Town Clerk. The decision was made to establish a Focus Group, to include the landowner Mr Muddle, to work together in pursuit of an amicable compromise. The Focus Group will now take the matter forward, holding meetings between themselves and organising further public meetings to present their proposals to the community. Cllr. Paul Reynolds offered to assist the Group in his capacity as the Parish Council’s PRoW Officer, in an impartial/neutral role. The meeting was audio recorded. The audio file stands as the meeting minute and is available here:

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Crouchlands Farm – Artemis Land and Agriculture Community Meeting, 26th November 2019

The meeting was well received and attended by the community. Anthony Fairbanks Weston, Chair of Artemis Land and Agriculture, and his team displayed information stands around the perimeter of the Winterton Hall detailing the various aspects of their proposals. Mr. Fairbanks Weston delivered a 15-minute presentation, which was followed by an hour of Q & As from the public. The meeting was audio recorded, which stands as the public minutes and is available here:

Listen Here

To review Artemis Land and Agriculture Ltd.’s representations to Chichester District Council’s Local Plan Review and other display documents from the public meeting, please click on the links below


2019.02.07-Final submission - Representations to Local Plan

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Anthony Fairbanks Weston bio Final

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